Our generation is the first to face caregiving to such an extent.  Today people live longer than ever before, growing frail and needing care for years, not months.




This is a note...to say that we appreciate Dora Hutchens for the great job she did for our son.  She is a very caring and kind person to all that she cares for and takes her job seriously.  Her abilities to bring out the best in our son were execellent and very helpful in his progress.  Dora is a very intelligent, patient and loving lady.  She put her whole heart into her job and working with him and did it very well.  He responded to Dora at times doing things, when he would not relate to other therapists.

Our entire family is truly blessed to have Dora become a part of us in his progress....

--Brenda and David H.  Blountville, TN


Dora was helpful to me in caring for my mother when Mother had grown increasingly incontinent.  Dora suggested that it might be caused by a bladder infection which we discovered was true when we took Mother to the doctor.  Dora also suggested exercises and ways that Mother might improve her bladder control, which were effective.

--Emma G.  Lexington Park, MD


"Dora has given us wise council concerning our aging mother.  She thinks of all aspects, things I would not think to check, and encouraged us as care givers.  From her own personal experience and her educational background, she is so understanding and knowledgeable about every aspect of care giving.  Explorer Consulting is exactly what you need to help support you through caring for your loved one."

--Pauli T.  Johnstown, OH