Our generation is the first to face caregiving to such an extent.  Today people live longer than ever before, growing frail and needing care for years, not months.



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Physical Changes Addresses


Stability, Sitting and Rising Mobility, Bending and Reaching, Climbing Stairs, Grasp and Pinch, Lifting and Carrying


Universal Design Addresses


The illustrations in this module follow the text in the manual "A Practical Guide to Universal Home Design" produced by East Metro Seniors Agenda for Independent Living, St. Paul, MN with support from the Minnesota Department of Human Services


Cognitive Intervention Addresses


Safety Awarness, Reducing Confrontation, Visual Cues, Promoting Memory and Medication Management, Reminiscing, Providing Reassurance, Creating a Calm Environment, Providing Support, Addressing Wandering


Sensory Changes Addresses


Acuity, Accommodation, Lighting, Glare, Sight Recovery, Color Perception, Depth Perceptionm Response to Light, Upward Gaze


1.  Equitable use

2.  Accommodate a wide range of users

3.  Simple and intuitive

4.  Convey information without ideal ambient conditions

5.  Tolerance for error

6.  Low physical effort

7.  Size and space dfor approach and use