Our generation is the first to face caregiving to such an extent.  Today people live longer than ever before, growing frail and needing care for years, not months.

How to Make the Home Environment Safe for a family member dealing with dementia, stroke, mobility challenges, cognitive challenges; based out of Elizabethon, Tennessee

raised the dishwasher to make it easier to reach; coutesy of Positive Environments 


It is helpful to have an attitude of “doing with” the person instead of “doing to” or “doing for” them.  Think about each question and decide if you are comfortable with the answer:

Can they get in and out of the residence safely?

How will they get out in case of fire?

What will they do if a natural disaster (tornado, snowstorm) occurs?

How will they get help if they fall?

If they have a wheelchair or walker will it go through every door?

Can they reach the light switch from their wheelchair?

How will they get themselves into and out of bed?

Can they get on and off the toilet or bedside commode?

How will they bathe?

Will they be preparing meals?

Is there clutter that needs to be removed?

How will they get to doctor appointments or therapy?

How will you know if they are safe to drive?

To what extent will they be able to shop for groceries and get medications?

How will you keep in contact with them so that you feel reassured?

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