Our generation is the first to face caregiving to such an extent.  Today people live longer than ever before, growing frail and needing care for years, not months.

How To Take Care Of Yourself; a family member dealing with caregiver stress management, caregiver burn out, dementia, stroke, mobility challenges, cognitive challenges



Caregiving has been called “the 36-hour day”.  Think about each question and decide if you are comfortable with the answer:

Do you have a plan to schedule your own wellness activities each day?

When will you take time to exercise?



Have you linked up with a support group or the Alzheimer's Association ?

Who will stay with your loved one when you must leave for shopping, appointments, or support groups?

How do you plan to educate yourself about your loved one’s needs?

How easy is it for you to say “No”?

Can you find humor in the little things?

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