Our generation is the first to face caregiving to such an extent.  Today people live longer than ever before, growing frail and needing care for years, not months.



Emergency/Help! Session - $100.00

You are facing a major decision about care for your family and need immediate help.   You can contact me any time.

Single Session/Pay-As-You-Go - $85.00

You would like to explore the information and support services I provide but are unsure if you want to commit further.   We can discuss one or several topics of concern.  If you have additional needs, you can continue on with the Caregiver’s Problem-Solver package.

Caregiver’s Problem-solver (Six Sessions) - $420.00

As a caregiver you need continuous information to help your family member go through a process of returning home from the hospital or rehab center, or when your loved one is losing function due to dementia-related issues.   This investment ensures that you cover all the bases for transition to home, home modifications, safety in the home, and behavioral issues.  Price represents a discount from single session cost.  Payment must be received prior to the first scheduled session.

Weekly Email Support -- $60.00/4 weeks

Once a week you email me about a concern, an issue or something about which you feel stuck. Within 24-48 hours I respond with strategies to give you more options.  We will work together to help resolve issues that are challenging you.  You can choose which day I can typically expect your email.


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