Our generation is the first to face caregiving to such an extent.  Today people live longer than ever before, growing frail and needing care for years, not months.

About Dora Hutchens; occupational therapist, helping my family with Alzheimers, dementia; making my environment safe for the affected family


I have practiced as an Occupational Therapist for over 30 years.  During that time I have helped people who have been injured or disabled.  I have worked together with folks as they age, in their home, in the community, and also with their families.

Because of my background, people say my parents and husband were lucky because they have me to help them.  After all, not everyone has an Occupational Therapist in the family!

When my parents transitioned from well-elderly to needing more care I already knew possibilities (like home modifications) to help them.  I was familiar with different approaches to help them maintain their independence and I had the experience to push to get them.

As my husband’s Alzheimer’s disease progressed, I experienced the same things every other caregiving spouse does.  It required a constant vigilance to remember everything for him and to keep myself from grief and despair.  Grieving in advance is draining and I have to guard against it always.  But as an Occupational Therapist, I had resources to help me care for him.

So you see, I have walked in your shoes before you and am surviving.  I would be honored to explore with you the world of possibilities that will enable you provide the best care to your loved ones and still stay healthy yourself.  We will do this by using the strategy of coaching. 

First, together we will assess your needs.  Then, drawing on my experience, I will provide you with information about home modifications and caregiving strategies.  Throughout this process I will support you as you put them in place in your life.